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EMC² Application Forms and Brochures
Thank you for your interest in EMC² and the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing!
For your convenience, you can get AIM Applications and AIM brochures here.

For more information, please contact your Facilitator.
If you do not yet have a Facilitator,
please call EMC² at 1-702-944-1801 and ask for Communications
or send email to info(at)energeticmatrix.com.
With your address, we can assign a Facilitator in your area.

Applications are available on this page in electronic on-line form and PDFs. Paper forms can be mailed to you on request.

The electronic forms let you type in all the required information and upload a photograph using any web browser. You can save drafts of your form and retrieve them later to finish filling them in. When you are done, you can submit the form electronically. You can also generate a PDF copy for yourself of any draft or submitted copy of the application form.

In the unlikely event your web device and browser don't work with the electronic forms, please use a pdf or ask for pre-printed forms.

Each participant must have an Individual Application Form and photograph on file in order to begin on AIM. While the Individual Application Form is required for every first time applicant, renewing a program is a simple one-page process. For an individual, there is a one-page Renewal form; for a Family Plan, the one-page Family Plan form is used. This is the case even if you are returning to the AIM Program after being off the tray.

The Individual Application Form and the Renewal Application Form each have the capability for you to upload a photo.

Fill-in applications online using your web browser
Click on a link below to load the online version of that application form.
Individual Application Form
One needed for each new applicant.
Family Plan Form
One needed for each Family Plan.
Renewal Form
Renewal Form is only for individual programs. If renewing a Family Plan, only a Family Plan form needs to be completed.
Photo Upload Form
This page is for AIM Program participants to upload a new photo, if needed or desired, or to upload a new photo, if desired, for someone renewing on a Family Plan.
(There is no pdf version of this form, but you may send photos via email or regular mail if you prefer.)

Downloadable pdf format
Can be filled in by typing into form using Adobe Acrobat Reader
or you can print them and fill them in by hand.
Right click on the links below and choose Save Target As to access the pdf forms.
Individual Application Form
(needed for individual plans and for each person in a family plan)
Family Plan Form
Renewal Form

AIM Brochures
EMC² AIM Program brochure - English
EMC² AIM Program brochure - Spanish
EMC² AIM Program brochure - German
EMC² AIM Program brochure - Dutch
EMC² AIM Program brochure - Italian
EMC² AIM Program brochure - Japanese